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Role: Reporting Administrator (RA)

As a reporting administrator in Course Evaluations & Surveys, you will have access to view course evaluation results and generate reports after course evaluations have ended. You will be able to develop and edit reports using the Report Builder function, share reports, and give feedback on results to instructors and department administrators.

Because your role will emphasize report viewing and building, some features and actions that are used when developing course evaluations have been disabled. It may be helpful for you and your department to be aware of the instructors’ and department administrators’ roles before and during the course evaluation process.

How can I access Course Evaluations & Surveys?

There are a couple ways to access your CES Dashboard.

  • If you have a Canvas presence (i.e., have access to at least one Canvas course), please access your dashboard in your course on the left side menu with the Admin Course Evaluations link.
  • If you do not have a presence in Canvas, you can access your CES dashboard by logging into: (This is a SSO [single sign on] site--you'll need your MyUNL credentials)

Before Deployment

Your role as a Reporting Administrator really begins during the survey deployments. Please read through the sections Student, Instructor, Teaching Assistant and Department Administrator if you would like to get a sense of the "big picture" system view.

Any questions? Please contact a CES Administrator at MySurveys in the Digital Learning Center--402-472-2313 or use the CES Support Form.

During Deployment

Monitoring Response Rates

Found on your CES homepage, the Response Rate Tracker allows you to quickly see the survey submissions during the survey time window. You can also click on the "Results" tab on the navigation bar at the top of the page to find the Response Rate Tracker. Then, click on a specific project to look at the number of participants and completions. The benefit of this tool is that you can view how the surveys are submitted over time and see trends across the projects being deployed.

How do I track survey responses?

Help Article:

Encourage Survey Completion

As much as CES can do with automated reminders, in-person interactions can be very powerful in influencing participation. Communicate with professors and encourage them to make announcements in class or on-line in Canvas and explain why the surveys are important to the university. An announcement in person may mean more than a reminder on a screen.

Access and View Reports

Similar to instructors, reports can be accessed 15 days after a Spring or Fall session ends (11 days after a summer session ends). Once these reports are viewable, you can generate a detailed report with or without comments (as PDF), a short report with or without comments (as PDF), or raw data (as an Excel file).

How do I view reports?

Help Articles:

Video Tutorial & Help Article Combined:

Report Builder Function

A great feature of CES is the Report Builder. This feature can isolate data and generate specific reports at the course-, instructor-, or question-level if need be. Create custom reports specific for your department with this feature.

How do I build reports?

Help Article:

Share Reports

In addition to creating a report, you can share the reports through CES. Simply click the “Share” icon on the right hand side of a report and follow the prompt to share the report with users in CES or send it to their email.

How do I share reports?

Help Articles:

CES has extensive support resources. We request that your first refer to the Help Center video tutorials and help articles. If you need additional or specific help, call the MySurveys service at 402-472-2313 or fill out the CES Support Form to get in touch with an CES Administrator.


Who has access to the evals?

Faculty have access to their own course results. Teaching assistants can also be assigned in CES. Once assigned, TAs will have access to their course evaluation results. Then, it becomes per department/college policy: Department chairs or other/staff faculty can have access to their own department faculty results. Assistant/Associate Deans and Deans can have access to college level results. Access is set by settings at the CES administrator level, and are based on 1) what level of access to provide (department admin or reporting admin), and 2) the span of control the admin will require (department, college).

When and how will faculty (and TAs) receive the results?

  • When: For fall and spring semesters, 15 days after the end of final exams. For summer sessions, 11 days after the final class date.
  • How: Either in their Canvas Dashboard or in their account on the UNL CES administrative website (
  • Who: Whomever the department decides to give access to, and what level of access.

Where does the evaluation data reside?

On the UNL CES administrative website, Faculty or admins can download or print PDF or Excel reports at any time, but the data is stored on the website indefinitely.

What are the differences between a reporting admin and a department admin?

A department admin, generally a department staff member, has a larger domain of responsibility and therefore has more access to features on CES: managing courses, creating surveys, communicating w/ instructors for course data accuracy, and reading and managing reports. Reporting admins, generally department and college administrators, have access to reading and managing reports on several levels, advising on policies to make the course evaluation process more smooth, and ensuring they are getting the data they need for effective decision making.

Where can I access CES Video Tutorials and Help Articles?

The location of these aids are found in the Help Center on the dashboard and are account specific--the Help Center page will automatically show you which videos and tutorials are relevant to your role. To get to this page, click on the question mark icon (?) in the top right corner of the page. This icon is in the same spot no matter which page in CES you are on. Then, click on Help Center.

Does CES refresh the user data? If yes, how often?

Yes, CES has the ability to refresh user data. Instructor and TA data is set early in the semester and changed manually on an as needed basis by contacting the CES Adminstrators. Student data will be refreshed automatically one business day after the last day to withdraw, usually during week 13 of fall and spring semesters, and varied dates during mini course deployments and the summer sessions.