Course Evaluations & Surveys


CES (formerly EvaluationKIT) by Watermark is a course evaluation and general survey tool for on-line survey delivery. The software has a large variety of features, functions, and roles.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Roles for Students, Instructors, TA's, and Administrators
  • "Dashboard" organization promotes ease of use
  • Three delivery options - Canvas LMS, web page (from an e-mail link), Canvas Mobile App
  • "Project" based organization with flexible course-by-course deployment scheduling
  • Accommodates both open time window and in class "all at one time" survey completion
  • Flexible, powerful reporting with Report Builder tool
  • A variety of question types, including branching questions
  • Response Rate Tracker gives instructors & administrators "real-time" view of survey submissions
  • Accommodates all types of course modes: lecture, on-line, blended, mini, half semester, field, lab, recitation, etc.
  • Allows for midterm evaluations



  • If you have a Canvas presence (i.e., have access to at least one Canvas course), please access your dashboard in your course on the left navigation menu with the Admin Course Evaluations link.
  • If you do not have a presence in Canvas, you can access your CES dashboard by logging into: (This is a single sign on [SSO] site--you'll need your MyUNL credentials)

Students, Instructors and TA's

You can access your dashboard via Canvas or the Canvas Mobile App.

  • In Canvas, you can access your dashboard in your course on the left navigation menu with the Instructor Course Evaluations, TA Course Evaluations, or Student Course Evaluations link.
  • If using the Canvas Mobile App, you need to download the Android or iPhone version of the app. Then, you log into Canvas, navigate to one of your currently enrolled courses, and on the left navigation menu choose the Instructor Course Evaluations, TA Course Evaluations, or Student Course Evaluations link.

Organizational Deployment

UNL’s primary use of CES will be to deploy end-of-term and mini course evaluations. However, midterm evaluations and general non-course related surveys are also available upon request.

Each course evaluation will have assigned one main survey at the University level (beginning Spring 2020), with the option to add additional surveys at the college, department and instructor (course) level.

CES has a "project" style organization. A project contains all of the surveys, courses, students, instructors, TAs, survey deployment dates for students, and reporting deployment dates for instructors and administrators, covering any desired scope. The "scope" UNL ITS is using to deploy projects is: one project, per college, per academic term. Example: In the CES system, the College of Education and Human Sciences fall semester 2019 project would be called "CEHS Fall 2019 Course Evaluations" and contain all its courses from all its departments. Separate projects will be created and deployed for colleges desiring midterm evaluations, and some other specialized siuations.

Each department or college will designate a "department administrator" who will work with the ITS CES Administrators to ensure that the most accurate course data possible is in place before student evaluations are deployed.

If you have questions, please contact the MySurveys office by calling 402-472-2313, emailing, filling out the CES Support Form, or stopping by the Digital Learning Center, which is in the southeast corner of the Adele Hall Learning Commons, Love Library North, 1st floor.